Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) is a member of National Disaster Committee Malaysia and is responsible for providing flood forecasting and warning service to the public including on-line rainfall and river levels information.

This webpage is generated from the study of the development of debris and mudflow prediction and warning system (DMFWS) based on existing rainfall data in Cameron Highlands following the guidelines and methodology provided during the Hydrology Component Workshop.

The main objectives of the DMFWS is to provide advance warning to the public and relevant agencies for disaster relief on the possibility of occurrence of an impending landslide or mudflow in high-risk and sensitive areas, like cut shapes of highway and recreation areas. The DMFWS is able to alert the appropriate agencies for disaster relief.

This is an opportunity for DID to expand it's scope of warning in the possibility of debris movement. A successful model hopefully lead DID as one of local Government Agency that can provide Operational Debris Flow Warning System in Malaysia.

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